“You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”

Posted on: March 20, 2017

I am so guilty of overusing this saying, but it rings true time and time again. There is so much out there that you simply do not know!

Of course I should apply this to wedding planning, but wouldn’t that be too obvious seeing as I’m a wedding planner? ūüėČ

A recent example for me is fences. Hang with me here. It all correlates. We put up a new fence about two weeks ago and the process was painstaking. Who knew there were so many materials, stains and ways to install a fence? I had about three different quotes at various price ranges, and I realized quickly I was out of my comfort zone.

After looking through all of the quotes and calling each vendor I made a decision and now we have a beautiful fence. Do you know who I went with? Not the cheapest and not the most well known. I chose the most professional.

The vendor who was courteous, timely and excited to have my business. I did not know how to build or install a fence, but I know a professional and well-run business when I see it. It made me think, “What do potential clients think of me? Do they feel educated and respected after our initial calls?”

I certainly hope so, and¬†after the fence vendor search I am more focused on those questions when speaking with potential clients. I want them to know¬†they’re in good hands with a qualified professional.

So – you don’t know what you don’t know? I now know a tiny bit more about fences (I am happy to regale you with tales of fence installation and stain colors!), but more importantly, I learned about client experience from a different perspective and how I want to be treated¬†as such.

Have a wonderful week!

Photo Credit: Anna Routh Photography