Wedding Season(s)

Posted on: April 24, 2017

This past weekend was the start of KED’s busy wedding season and Saturday was beautiful! However, Sunday and today have been anything but. Given the rain and chilly temperatures in Charlotte over the past few days it felt appropriate to share my anxiety over wedding weather.

There are so many things we wedding designers are able to control with regards to wedding day. We tend to over communicate and over prepare with vendors so we face as little mishaps as possible. One vendor we are never able to get in touch with is the weather man/woman. They seem unfazed by our rain dances, constant refreshes on Weather Underground and prayers every night the week prior to the big event. There is simply nothing we can do other than have plans B/C/D/E (you get the idea) ready to implement at a moment’s notice.

The bigger issue is not letting this anxiety show to your clients. I am working on the poker face, but I’m also a realist. Although our lovely bride might want cocktails al fresco, if the rain chance is hovering around 60% and the radar says, “RAIN IS COMING. DON’T KID YOURSELF,” I call it and move on to my less appealing but equally as beautiful plan B. I have found that being decisive and listening to the client’s wishes but also being honest is the best plan of attack. It hasn’t failed me yet and clients will understand. I also try to prepare them for the rain plan from the beginning of planning so when we do have to move to plan B they are well versed on how it will unfold.

Here’s to a great week ahead full of sunshine and no rain on the radar!