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About Lauren Evans

An ideal background for creating your perfect event:

I’m a serial planner. I love creating, designing and organizing events, and building lasting relationships with clients & vendors along the way.

Corporate life is awesome. Did I just say that? Yes. Yes I did. Without my experience at The Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic magazine I would not be the person I am today. Up and down the East Coast I traveled from Manhattan to Washington, DC, but I was always “going to Carolina in my mind” and knew that my roots would pull me home.

A North Carolina native married to a fellow Tar Heel, I am classic style with a little bit of funk. I love patterns and bold colors, but certainly appreciate a beautifully laid monogram and linen cocktail napkins. Taking an idea and making it a reality is hard work, but to me it’s the best kind of work there is.

or call to set up time for us to get to know one another, whichever is most comfortable for you. When planning an event it’s crucial there is a fit on both sides. Team chemistry is important!

I want to make your event one that you (and your guests) will look back on thinking, “When can we do that again?!”

Photo credit: Kim Branagan Photography, Riverland Studios and Tim Willoughby Photography

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